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Safety Grab Bars

Safety Grab BarsA set of Safety Bars can be an important addition to your tub or shower. They are not a guarantee against an accident, but are like a hand rail going down a set of stairs - they give a person stability in a potentially dangerous enviroment. Whether entering and exiting the tub or shower, closing your eyes to soap up or rinse, or stepping around on a slippery floor, Safety Bars provide something to hold onto for stability and assurance.

Generally the most common locations are these; one smaller grab bar installed near the entry point of the tub or shower, used to hold onto during entry and exiting, and one larger grab bar across the larger wall to be of help while you are showering. I will work with you to carefully locate and mount the Safety Bars where they will help you the most and are the most comfortable.

Another common use of a Grab Bar is to locate it approximately the height of a seat so you can put your foot up on it for support as you wash feet, legs or for shaving.

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